by Marc Choi

Inspired by Honolulu Harbor in Hawai‘i, the site where a ship carrying the first large group of Korean immigrants to the United States arrived in 1903 (Hawai‘i was then a U.S. territory), the work contained in this folio explores the construction and management of historical narratives in relation to the subjects and places enshrined by those narratives. The risograph prints in this collection combine images from a day in Honolulu Harbor with archival images and renderings of Colonial, Eurocentric American origins, specifically the arrival of the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower in Plymouth Rock in 1620. The risograph prints and accompanying booklet question how sites such as Honolulu Harbor or Plymouth Rock become historicized (or not) and how the construction of narratives through place- and image-making shapes and informs national as well as personal identity.

By Marc Choi

Published by Track and Field

Edition of 20, 2023

Multi-Color RISO, 6 x 9.25 inches (folio)