Track and Field (est. 2013) is a collaborative publishing initiative from Marc Choi and Dimitry Tetin, graphic designers and educators from Washington DC and Austin, respectively.

As first-generation immigrants (South Korea and South Ukraine), Marc and Dimitry are interested in exploring the relationships among personal, public and geographic histories within the popular American imagination. Their small-scale printed and digital work often questions the relationship between place and identity, asking why our projection of self is often so intertwined with “where” we’re from. Thematically, the work ranges from humorous to solemn—engaging time, loss, queerness and erasure on personal, public and sometimes geological scale.

Independently and collaboratively they have exhibited their work at Odds and Ends Book Fair, Chicago Art Book Fair, Short Run Comix & Arts Festival, Fully Booked, Northampton Art Book Fair, Boston Art Book Fair, DC Art Book Fair, Cincinnati Art Book Fair, Detroit Art Book Fair, Multiple Formats Symposium and Art Book Fair, Capital Art Book Fair, and Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair.  

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